Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Update

It was a year ago today that we loaded up the moving truck, packed up the Rav4 with the dogs, and moved from Michigan.  Lots of bittersweet memories about that day.  Friends and neighbors stopped in to wish us well.  We miss you all.  We're still amazed at all the things that have happened since then.  

Moving Day 2013

Are we there yet?

Yes, we're still unpacking.   We have these conversations sometimes, like "Wow, I forgot we had that". Or, "Look what I found. Do you remember who gave us this?" Or, "where we were when we bought that?" The basement is a staging area for all the books, artwork, photos, knick-knacks and assorted stuff, until we can decide where it goes.
We are all enjoying living out in the country.  Lots of places to explore and new things to see.  The pastures around the house are ready to be cut for hay. We're enjoying the wildflowers, dragonflies and butterflies on our walks.


May was a busy month.  The garden is planted.  Potatoes are blooming, as are the tomatoes and 1 cucumber plant.  We several tiny, green tomatoes on the vines.  Our experiment with a seed combination of wildflowers, native grasses and some milo (for the deer and other critters) is filling in pretty well.  We can't tell quite yet exactly what came up, but its green.

Our yard came in really well - we've had rain on a regular basis, which really helped.  We don't have to worry so much about muddy feet when it rains.  On the down side, with all the rain, Chris is cutting grass 3 afternoons a week right now.  The past several weeks we have had rain showers and/or downpours almost every day.  Then the sun comes out for a day or two and it starts over again.  The Missouri River is starting to back up into the surrounding farm fields. 

Seems like there are always new projects.  Construction on "casa de lawnmower" started last week Monday and is done except for the overhead door and interior shelves.  The door is scheduled to be installed next week.  Then we can start to clear out the garage so Chris can get his truck inside. 

The deck has become home for my cool tile table/bench and banana tree. 
During the move, a plaster sculpture we bought several years ago was broken.  We were happy that the artist agreed to re-cast it - in bronze this time.  It arrived last week - looks great.
We now have a fence around part of the yard for the dogs.  We can turn them out through the rear garage door.  They've been really good about staying around, but it's great to have a secure place for them if one of us can't, or doesn't feel like going out with them.

Strawberry season has come and gone.  I made preserves and a couple fresh strawberry pies.  There's a u-pick farm and orchard a few miles from here.  The peach crop was wonderful last year, but was destroyed by a hard frost - so no peaches this year.  Apples should be okay, but I miss the Northern Spy apples from Michigan.  Haven't found anything here to compare for pies.  I picked a few blueberries this morning.


11 orchids moved with us from Michigan.  They spent the fall and winter in the greenhouse that was attached to the house we rented.  All but 2 of them set buds over the winter and are now blooming!

Last Saturday was the annual family get-together at Steve and Jody's.  It rained off and on most of the day.  A good time was had by all - especially the kids, who didn't let a little rain get in the way of their fun.  Good food and good company. 


Our new sofa and love seat was delivered earlier today - looks good, but now we need a new area rug and a floor lamp, and . . .

We like it here.  :-)

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