Monday, October 28, 2013

Roofing and siding progress

There wasn't alot of activitiy inside the house this past week.  Outside, work on the siding continued.  Metal flashing for the transition from siding to stone was fabricated and put in place.  The gutter boards on the second floor were covered with a dark green aluminum fascia and when all the siding on the second floor was in place, the gutters were added.  At this point we have a green downspout and a brown downspout until we decide which color was want on the rest of the house.  I like brown, Chris likes the green.

The roofers came back on Friday and began working on the first floor again.  Our painter friend, Jim, was back this weekend and finished painting all the trim on the second floor.  He is starting to sand the beams in the living room and bedroom to prepare them for staining.  We went over stain colors and next weekend he should be ready to start work on the windows.

We took another drive to Freedom this week and placed an order for our interior doors and trim.  They've been in operation for 80 years.  If you'd like to see some of their work, here's a link to their website: 

Sunday afternoon we took the dogs out to the house and walked the fields adjacent to the house.  We all enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine. 

The green downspout. . .

Stone siding was delivered this week.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


The standing seam roof was started on Friday afternoon (Oct 18).  There was some confusion with the initial placement of the order, missing starter pieces, etc.  But it's here and looking good.  The installers worked most of the day Saturday and have the 2nd floor covered.  They still need to add the finish trim pieces.

We went out today and swept up inside and did some clean-up outside, too.  Ran into our niece, Stacy and her 3 boys, on a walk through the farm looking for signs of deer.  She's taking them all hunting this year.  Will be the first time for Ryan, age 7.

As soon as the roof is on, we can schedule the insulation and drywall installation.

Lost . . . and found!

Our AWOL windows finally arrived!  Their installation will finish the bump-out in the master bath. The electricians trenched and put the conduit in place for our permanent electric service, which should be completed next week.

Yesterday (Oct. 15) Chris' brother Greg and I went to Freedom Products, a company that has been in business since the 1920's and manufactures wood doors, trim, stair parts, church pews, etc., to talk to them about our interior doors and trim.   Freedom is about 30-minutes southwest of Washington after you pass through Rosebud and Useful.
The screen porch floor and posts were put up yesterday, too.  What a great spot!  Can't wait to sit there and watch the sunset.

The rough-ins for electric and HVAC are done.  The plumber will finish next week.

We picked out wood flooring and a"warm white" paint for the walls.  Windows, doors and trim will be stained to match the floor.  Faucets, toilets, tub, water heater and softener are ordered.  The lighting consulant will have a short list for us by Friday.  Countertops, tile and appliances are next. 

View from the porch.  I need a chair and cooler.

Our friend and painter Jim, working on the trim.

They picked the corn in our field this week. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Busy, busy, busy!

Work began in earnest on the rough electric, plumbing and HVAC this week.  There were people everywhere!  In addition to all the activity inside, the siding and window trim is starting to go up. 

I was at the house early every day this week to answer questions and see what was on the schedule for the day.   We are acting as our own general contractor for the electric, plumbing, etc., as well as the interior finish work. 

We selected the cabinetmaker met with him on-site on Wednesday.  The cabinets will be made of quarter-sawn oak which results in a finer grain than typical oak cabinets. 

It was busy outside, too.  The septic system was put in and both the water and geo-thermal  contractors were busy trenching (on opposite ends of the house) to bring their lines into the basement.

Blue electrical boxes are appearing everywhere.

All the windows are in - except the traveling ones.

Trenching for the water line.

Duct work and plumbing in the kitchen.
Trenching for the geo-thermal lines.

Leaves are starting to fall and Chris got some unsolicited help from Nissa one afternoon. 

The morning drives this week have been beautiful.  The fog lingers in the river bottoms and rises slowly, dividing the horizon.  The farmers have been busy harvesting the corn and beans we've been driving past all summer.  The images of the fields change every day.  



Framing of the walls and screen porch continued this week.  The screen porch is really taking shape and the view from there is wonderful.  The interior walls

Windows were installed with the exception of 3 that were AWOL.  They were located in Chicago and are on their way.  

Late in the week, the electrician, plumber and HVAC contractor started their work now that the house is more or less weather-tight.  

Porch is taking shape.

Chris' studio

View inside the garage.  Door to mudroom in center.

Dining Room

Looking out from the master bedroom.

Studio windows.

Week of September 23 - Wells and stairs

The basement stairs were put in and temporary stairs to the second floor were, too.  It's fun to be able to wander around the house now without needing a ladder. 

Both the water and geo-thermal wells were drilled this week.  You wouldn't believe the noise.  They'll be back in a few weeks to make their connections to the house. 

Friday evening was party-time.  We BBQ'd for the Hagedorn Construction crew to thank them for the great job they're doing.  Since it was Chris' sister Sue's birthday as well as Camille's husband Sean we expanded the guest list to include family and friends.  Greg did a great job with the pork steaks and chicken.  After the sun went down, we started a bonfire and watched the stars come out.  Lawn chairs, cold beer and barbeque . . .  what building a house is all about. . .

Framing is almost done for the bedroom.

Basement steps (duh).

Water well.  The white stuff is lime as a result of the drilling process.

Geo-thermal drilling rig.

A nice shot of the exposed beam in the living room.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update: Week of September 16

Things have been really busy the past few weeks, so this post and the next are an attempt to catch up.    After the trusses were put in place, the roof sheathing and gutter boards were put on, followed by the waterproofing/ice shield material on the roof.  Enclosing the house with the sheathing, changed our perspective of the house, inside and out, once again.

Part of the gutter boards are in place and help the roof to take shape.

Rich has a great view from the garage roof.

Chris's studio and view to the west.

Rich, Tony and Adam work on the garage.

The roof is starting to take shape.

Later in the week, the roof sheathing was put on.

Chris checking out the upstairs that is now under-roof.  Without walls it feels like a small bowling alley.

View from the county road by mid-week. 

Sheathing and waterproofing/ice guard is in place.  Looking more and more like a house.

View from the dining room through the living room and into the master bedroom.

By the end of the week, things are looking really good.