Monday, March 3, 2014

Closer and closer . . . screen porch, countertops and faucets

The weather has slowed progress on the house the past month.  Snow and ice on the driveway delayed the installation of the countertops, which delayed the plumber and tile guys as well as the mirror installation.  But in between the snow and rain storms were 50- and 60-degree, sunny days.  One day last week we hit 70 and yesterday it was 4 with sleet and snow.  We stay home and play in the snow on the bad days.

But enough of the weather report. 

Since my last post, the granite countertops were installed.  We went with a lighter color in the kitchen and mudroom, and a black granite with green "sparkles" in the master and guest bathrooms.  

 After the countertops were installed, all the faucets were installed and the rest of the plumbing work was completed.  It's absolutely wonderful to have hot and cold running water in the house.  The cabinetmaker and the tile installers came out to do finish up after the granite was in place.  What a difference.  Looks like someone could live here.

Kitchen, complete with running water.

Master Bath
Mud Room
Upstairs bath

With the completion of more the details in the house, there are fewer people working inside.  That's has allowed us to clean out most of the construction debris, dust the window sills and mop the floors, and have it remain fairly clean.  It's still a constant battle to keep the mud and dirt out of the house.  That will improve as soon as they're able to pour the concrete outside the garage.
View from living room.
View from master bedroom.
The warmer weather brought Tony back out to work on the deck and screen porch.  The screen porch is complete and has been named, "The best part of the house" by several family members.  The view is wonderful.
I'm ready for spring . . .