Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stairs and cabinets.

Seems as though every minute of the day is spent doing something at the house, or related to some part of the construction process.  But the house is looking great.  After the wood floors were put in, Tony started putting the permanent stairs in between the first and second floors.  It took about a week to get all the different parts cut to fit and put in place. 
Stairs complete, but still need the final coats of varnish, hence the cardboard covering on the stair treads.
Second floor, cleaned up and floors vacuumed. All trim work completed, door handles installed.  Looks ready for furniture!!
Yoga room doors complete with glass and door knob.

The cabinets were installed on January 20 and 21st.  I'm so glad we've been able to be present throughout the building process.  It's been great fun to watch it all come together.  


We kept the floors covered with the cardboard boxes that the flooring material came in during the subsequent construction process.  There was continuous foot traffic through the house while the doors, windows and floors were being trimmed out.  An unbelieveable amount of dust and debris accumulated on and under the cardboard in the as a result of the trim work and cabinet installation.  We finally couldn't stand it and picked up all the cardboard, swept and vacuumed and then put most of it back down until the rest of the inside work is done.


Kitchen island lights and most of the rest of the lights are now in.

Living room, semi-clean floor.
Our appliances were delivered on January 28th!!  Hint to anyone buying a french door refrigerator:  Don't try to put it next to a wall because the door won't open unless there's at least 6-inches of clearance.  Thanks Leigh and Robin for that tip when you visited at Thanksgiving!  You saved us from a huge headache.  We were able to have the adjacent cabinets modified and a spacer put on the left side.
Fridge door opens wide enough to open all drawers, etc.  YAY!
And . . .we finally have toilets . . . and they flush!!!!!!!!!!   Shower enclosures were installed and look wonderful.

The garage AFTER it was cleaned out. 
 Chris and Greg have been building shelves in the basement.  Our friend Jay has been doing a fantastic job with all the trim work. 
The gutters were put up last Friday, January 31st.  It was warmer (above freezing) but the wind was blowing hard enough that the guys asked Chris and Greg to hold their ladders while they put up one of the long sections on the back side of the house.
We try to take the dogs out to the house as often as we can. The last time, we walked through the field on the west side of the house to the edge of the woods. It was good to see water in the small creek that runs near the edge of our property. Tally and Nissa loved it - lots of things to see and sniff and so much room to run.

Today is a stay-at-home day as a result of a winter storm that brought us 6-8 inches of snow.  They don't clean the roads around here quite as quick as they do in Michigan.  Winter seems to be here to stay according to the weather forecasters with temps below freezing for the next week.