Wednesday, September 24, 2014

End of Summer Update

Happy Fall!  I love this time of year.  The summer wasn't bad, we got lots of rain, temps weren't too high, but the cooler air arrived last week.  YAY!  Thought I'd update the blog with a few of the things that have changed over the summer.  The cosmos below are compliments of my mom.  She passed away last August and when I was cleaning out her desk, I found a bunch of packets of flower seeds which I mixed together and planted next to our garden.  A few other flowers came up, but the cosmos have stayed through the summer.

Days are getting shorter and the sunsets great.

Enjoying the view.
The outside views are pretty much the same, but we have started planting a few shrubs and bought a couple trees that will be planted in October.

"These new green balls are great fun."
Lounging on the front step.  Life is hard!!

 Our kitchen bar stools finally arrived.

New porch furniture.

My friend from work, Eric, gave me a banana plant before I retired.  It unfortunately didn't do well in the move.  However, Eric and Lynlee made sure I got another one and it loves life on the deck.  The first photo was in July 2013.  The second photo was taken yesterday.  Thanks guys!!

We enjoy looking back at the construction photos to remind us where we were in the process.  Here's how the place looked last year at this time.
One year ago.

The dogs like going to the pond to check out the catfish, frogs and other critters.  We feed the catfish a couple times a week.  Some look to be about 3-4 pounds.  Time for a fish fry according to the brothers! 
"Here fishy, fishy, fishy."

Relaxing in the shade.